Thursday, August 18, 2011

Special means Special

We have had a strong commitment to Special Areas for 11 years. That has not diminished. We have incredible faculty in Art, Foreign Language, Band, Choir, Physical Education and elective areas. The whole child has been a part of our mission. Thank you for helping to make them whole.

Dr. K

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting Started!

We started the year with a BANG! Literally, the storm raged, the power went out, and we kept our meeting going! Just one example of the dedication this group of professionals displays time and again.

Our meeting touched on themes of rigor, cross curricular support and RELEVANCE. Curriculum must be relevant to students, and our curriculum particularly must be presented as relevant and necessary to school goals and overall instructional quality of our programs.

One exciting outcome of the meeting was the recognition of our team approach to provide support for each other and for classroom teachers as well. There are many opportunities available to work collaboratively with others to infuse a higher level of rigor and relevance in our power curriculum this year!